Tuesday 20 October 2015

Theme Park Nut News Update - 20th October 2015

Welcome to another week's Theme Park Nut News Update.

The big news this week is Star Wars. The latest trailer for Episode VII The Force Awakens dropped today. What does that have to do with Theme Parks? Well, Walt Disney World announced this week that they will be hosting a hard ticket Premiere Party. So that means I'm not corrupting my blog talking about the new Trailer! I thought it was great, but I'm now going to have to stop reading or watching anything about this movie, it's overhyped already and it's still 2 months away!

Theme Park Insider has a good take on today's release with an article in the OC register about why fictional properties like Star Wars have taken over from non-fiction in theme parks.

Over at Universal Hollywood, their own superstar fiction franchise is taking shape a Harry Potter closes in on it's December opening. There was even  a sighting of the Flight of the Hippogriff coaster testing.

The main news out of central Florida this week was that the county board has recommended against approving the World's tallest coaster on International Drive, a part of the Skyplex development. The coaster would have been a unique Polercoaster standing 570 feet tall called The Skyscraper. With strong opposition to this from Universal Orlando, it seems like it this project might never get off the ground.

It's a bit of a quiet tome in Australia's parks. Cyclone at Dreamworld is closed for it's V8 make over. Over at Adventure World, they have opened a new record breaking tornado slide called Kracken. To keep this story cycling, Disney and More blogged about the recent article on Disneyland Australia and how close we came.

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  1. I wonder if in the future will get a Disneyland Australia - we have the room! Maybe on one of the stretches to Sunny Coast :P