Sunday 18 September 2016

Sea World Trip Report September 2016

This week we got a chance to return to Sea World after not visit visiting for about 6 months. Boy, has there been some changes in the park in that time!

While no new attractions have been added a lot of work has been done to front and middle of park that really improved the feel of the park. With both Dreamworld and Sea World having such dramatic face-lifts in the last 2 years, I think we are starting to see these parks hone their image for the upcoming Gold Coast Commonwealth Games (and the tourists that come with).

A few simple touches like a bridge being replaced, or a few new statues can make a huge difference.

The real star of the recent rejuvenation is The Plaza. 
This central dining retail precinct has been revamped with improved shop fronts and an awesome high roof added. 

However the biggest win here is, believe it or not, the new path.

This completely changes the flow of the park. It finally feels like you are headed the right way. To achieve this some of the unused rail line and station have been removed, as well as a shop from the entrance of Nickelodeon land, but it is well worth it. 

Plus Nickelodeon land now feels much more like a land, rather just some kids rides squished together. The Plaza opened last week, just in time for school holidays. 
I can also confirm the monorail is back in action and it definitely fits under the new Plaza roof. In general the park felt neater and cleaner. Even the underwater viewing at Shark Bay smelt better than previous visits.

This was also my first real chance to check out Creatures of the Deep. 

Much like it's predecessor Dinosaur Island, this attraction focuses on big things (mythical and real) making small movements with some sound. 
Thematically this is a better fit for Sea World than Dinosaur Island, and the animatronics are of better quality. But I love Dinosaurs, so it's a hard act to follow.

There is also a temporary attraction at what was the Polar Bear Cub enclosure, with 4 rescued New Zealand fur seals called Seal Rescue and Rehabilitation. 
I was surprised by the high level of detail added for this temporary attraction. It was very quiet too because almost no one new it was there.

Both the Sea Lion show and the Dolphin show were very impressive as always. In general, this was probably the best day I have had at Sea World! It is wonderful to see the park being looked after so well!