Wednesday 27 July 2011

Construction Europa Park

I know I just did a Top Ten of my current favourite construction projects, but I'd like to throw in a number 11 if I may. One of my favourite theme parks is adding a new wooden roller coaster for 2012. Europa Park is adding Mythos to its stable of coasters. It has been reported to be 35 metres tall, and over 1 km of track. If it's done as well as most things with Europa Park, this will be a fantastic edition. Just outside my Top Ten. No doubt if I was going to be visiting there again soon, it would certainly be up there!

Monday 25 July 2011

What's going on?

Hey fellow nuts! I thought I'd start off by listing out what is going on in the world of theme parks that has me really excited. Some of them are rumours, some have started construction, but all of them have sparked my interest recently. So lets go, here are my Top Ten things going on right now:

10.  Carsland - California Adventure.  So I'm not a huge Cars fan, but it is a huge construction effort and it's Disney so it will be good.
9. Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion. Disney's smallest Magic Kingdom park is getting 3 new lands: Grizzly Trail, Mystic Point and Toy Story Land. Taking the parks land count to 7, this will finally bring it on par with the other Disneylands.
8. Buzzsaw - Dreamworld Australia. Sure it is just a new coaster, and a Skyloop rather than a full circuit coaster. But it is exciting for a park that is as slow to grow as Dreamworld. First Skyloop in Australia.
7. Mystery coaster - Warner Bros. Movie World Australia. Rumoured to be an S&S El Loco with a Joker theme. Again, this is just a coaster but still exciting for this part of the world. It beats Buzzsaw only because it is a mystery still!
6. Universal Wonderland - Universal Japan. Jamming in with Snoopy, are two new zones for Hello Kitty and Sesame Street! Very Japanese, sure to be a hit.
5. LC12 - Thorpe Park UK. Thorpe Park love thrills and love a theatric ride launch. Heavy investment and huge marketing effort will bring to life one of the wildest new coasters in years. Apocalyptic B&M Wing Walker with 4 inversions. All the plans have been leaked online, but still super exciting.
4. Fantasyland Expansion - Magic Kingdom. Construction is well underway at the biggest park expansion at the WDW Resort since Animal Kingdom. Should be tremendous!
3. Legoland Florida. I'm a sucker for a new park. Which raises a different question, is this a new park? The remaking of Cypress Gardens is still exciting because of the nature of Legoland parks. Truely fun for the whole family. Definitely a must see when in Florida!
2. Shanghai Disneyland. Ground has been broken on the latest Disney park. It promises to be the biggest Magic Kingdom style park yet! What else do we know about it? Nothing. Very little has been leaked about this project. Disney playing it extremely close to the chest. This is still one of the most exciting developments of this decade.
1. Expansion to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Islands of Adventure. It is a little bit cheeky that the top of my list of what is currently going on, is only rumoured to be happening. However, barring the world imploding in the next 10 years there will be an expansion to WWOHP. Rumours have mentioned Diagon Alley, Gringotts Coaster and even a new live show. People are quoting contracts that include additions to be made after the final movie is produced. Sources have mention areas being staked out backstage, but no concrete proof has yet been given. All we can say is that WWOHP has been enormous for Universal, and they no doubt want to keep the hype and good press going for as long as possible. Potter-mania is sweeping the world right now. I personally can't wait! Butterbeers all round!