Wednesday 27 July 2011

Construction Europa Park

I know I just did a Top Ten of my current favourite construction projects, but I'd like to throw in a number 11 if I may. One of my favourite theme parks is adding a new wooden roller coaster for 2012. Europa Park is adding Mythos to its stable of coasters. It has been reported to be 35 metres tall, and over 1 km of track. If it's done as well as most things with Europa Park, this will be a fantastic edition. Just outside my Top Ten. No doubt if I was going to be visiting there again soon, it would certainly be up there!


  1. I just checked out your site. Are you interested in contributing to You seem well-traveled and I like your writing style. Email me at if you're interested.

  2. Thanks for checking out my site! I was just looking at the other day believe it or not, I was fascinated by the interview with Lance from Screamscape. I might shoot you an email sometime!