Sunday 25 September 2011

Aussie World

A trip to Aussie World on Queensland's Sunshine Coast with the family gave ample opportunity to do a full report on this little park. Surprisingly, this was my first time to Aussie World. While it is not in the same league as Dreamworld and Movie World on the Gold Coast, this little park certainly hits above its weight. It is definitely children oriented, but with a couple of little rides to keep the parents entertained. Well maintained, friendly staff. A half day park that exceeded my expectations. Definitely check out the Wild Mouse Coaster, if you like rough rides!

Of most interest to me was the new ride, the Giant Redback.

A Standard Zamperla Disc-O coaster added earlier this year gives a fun thrill for those interested. Think of it as the little brother of the Shockwave at Dreamworld. Being constructed next to this ride is a new water ride to be called the Water Shed Plunge. Here are some shots of the progress.

Movie World Australia News

With a simple note on the website maintenance page (, Batman Adventure - The Ride 2 is scheduled for termination. It is a shame, but such is life! I guess it is possible for it to be reboot in conjunction with the new Batman movie series or possibly the video game series. Could we see Batman The Ride 3?? The rides location is very close to the currently being constructed Green Lantern Coaster, could we see part of this ride being recycled for the new coaster??

Sunday 18 September 2011


People who know me, know I love all things European. Especially German. So good news that America's favourite european based theme park Busch Gardens Williamsburg is adding a Black Forest themed coaster called "Verbolten" in 2012. Strong theming and a good pun; this sounds like it will be a heavy hitter. Time will tell!I must admit I wasn't thrilled by the graphics in the release video (, but I tend to be harsh on things like that. Still conceptually a great addition to the park!

Australian News

News on a couple of local parks who have been working over the last few months.

Dreamworld Australia has opened Buzzsaw. As expected, it is a ghost-town themed Skyloop. From the reviews, people have been enjoyed it. The recommendation is the theming is a little hit and miss (typical of Dreamworld) but if you read the back story on the website ( you should be able to see what they were aiming for! There have been some complaints of delays while staff get trained, but it is mostly a very positive opening for Dreamworld.

Movie World Australia have also announce their upcoming coaster. The Green Lantern Coaster (!!! Continuing in the superhero mould it promises to be a modified El Loco coaster with the "steepest drop in the southern hemisphere". As long as they do some good theming this will be an excellent edition to the 2 Batman rides and the Superman coaster at the front of the park.