Sunday 18 September 2011

Australian News

News on a couple of local parks who have been working over the last few months.

Dreamworld Australia has opened Buzzsaw. As expected, it is a ghost-town themed Skyloop. From the reviews, people have been enjoyed it. The recommendation is the theming is a little hit and miss (typical of Dreamworld) but if you read the back story on the website ( you should be able to see what they were aiming for! There have been some complaints of delays while staff get trained, but it is mostly a very positive opening for Dreamworld.

Movie World Australia have also announce their upcoming coaster. The Green Lantern Coaster (!!! Continuing in the superhero mould it promises to be a modified El Loco coaster with the "steepest drop in the southern hemisphere". As long as they do some good theming this will be an excellent edition to the 2 Batman rides and the Superman coaster at the front of the park.

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