Tuesday 27 October 2015

Halloween Events in South East Queensland 2015

This weekend is Halloween, and for the first time in a while we have the 31st on a Saturday which has given our parks the perfect opportunity to expand their Halloween celebrations. Here is a quick rundown of what is happening at 4 South East Queensland parks this weekend.

Sea World
Sea World will be holding a day time Trick or Treasure event for families on Saturday and Sunday. There will be treats and costume prizes all included with park entry for these two days.

Dreamworld are hosting a very special version of their Screamworld out of hours event, with a family Halloween theme. Tickets from $30 online, although they have sent out discounts by email for annual passholders. Sounds like it will be a cool little party with laser shows and trick or treating.

Aussie World
This little Sunshine Coast park is bringing back it's Halloween Fest-Evil over 3 nights this week. Tickets to this hard ticket event are limited and cost $30 online. For the first time this year, they are running an Adults Only night on Thursday, which should be interesting. The event promises mazes and rides, as well as a dance club on the Adults-Only night. One of my best friends will be visiting this Thursday, so I'll pass on any feedback she has on the event.

Movie World
The big show in terms of Halloween events in Australia is Movie World's Fright Nights. The event has been running every Friday and Saturday night in October and has it's finale on Halloween night this Saturday. This is the big one, and it is definitely not a family friendly event. If you want to have a truly scary experience this Halloween, this is my pick. Tickets start at $50. With mazes themed to Friday the 13th, Wyrmwood and Wolf Creek, as well a shows and scare zones, this is not one for the faint hearted.


  1. Wow I didn't know all the parks do Halloween! I can't say how Aussie World compared to the rest but on it's own, I honestly would give the event close to a 10! I did notice hardly anyone around the park as we hit 10 o'clock. I was expecting the nightclub to be pumping but it was all a bit quiet - unless everyone was tucked away inside the shed and it had amazing sound proofing :P As I was leaving one of the scary clown characters just started talking to me in regular convo style :P I had a bit of a chat with him and he said a lot of characters for the night were sourced from the local theatre groups - they honestly did such a good job! We had one clown follow us onto a ride (illusionarium) and scare us round some corners :P Ironically it felt like such a friendly event but with the perfect level of scare!

    1. Aww Awesome Fee! Sounds like you had a great night! So lucky! From what I've heard the Aussie World event is becoming a genuine alternative to Fright Nights for Sunshine Coasters. It's not as big or intimidating, but it's put on with a more fun attitude. It is hard to get a good level of fun and a good level of scare at an event like that. It's definitely better to have a quiet event like that. Movie World's event is so busy these days.

      I haven't been to Aussie World since they added the Illusionarium or the Bug Run, but will definitely need to check it out at a non-Halloween time with the little red-haired nut I think!