Tuesday 23 June 2015

Theme Park Nut News Update - June 23rd 2015

So, I missed my blog last week! June is a horrible time at my work, and to top it all off the whole house has been sick. That just means, a two-week action packed news update this week!! Let's get into it.

Just over two weeks ago, we got our first look at the Epcot's new Frozen ride 'Frozen Ever After'. I'm deeply disappointed that they didn't go with my name for it: Frozstrom. Anyway, the ride itself is the same ride system as Maelstrom that it is replacing, only with a whimsical Frozen overlay. No new songs, but new lyrics to existing songs. It will be a popular ride, no doubt, and if the effects discussed in the article are effective it'll be great. The tough thing will be whether the existing Maelstrom ride system can cope with the influx of visitors.

It's a tough gig pitching your rides purely at a single I.P.. I know Frozen is popular, and it will be for the next ten years, but there is an undercurrent of anti-Frozen from parents that may work against this attraction. However, it should still be more popular than Maelstrom. I like Frozen, so it doesn't worry me.

Universal Studios Orlando has had a mixed bag of news over the last week. First, they gave us some details of the new Sapphire Falls resort. They also celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It did reset the standard for themed lands, so it's great for it to be celebrated in this way. Two weeks ago we brought you the news of the new Volcano Bay Water Park at USO, and now we have the the kicker to that announcement, the confirmation that Wet 'n Wild will close at the end of December 2016. This is mixed news. Sure it's a closure, but it frees up some very useful land for Universal. Not quite big enough for a third gate, but certainly room for another pair of resorts.

Tragic news last week from Six Flags Magic Mountain, where a 10 year old girl was airlifted from the park, after becoming unconscious after riding the Roller coaster Revolution, and subsequently passed away. The coroner has stated that the girl was not injured on the ride, and her death has been put down to natural causes from a pre-existing medical condition. Our thoughts go out to the family of this poor girl at the awful time.

In Australian Theme Park news, Sea World has officially announced that the rebuild of their kids area will be a fully fledged Nickelodeon Land. The land will also feature a Zamperla children's coaster, which will be the first of it's kind on the Gold Coast. The land is expected to be open for the September school holidays.

We are also only 4 days away from Dreamworld opening their new ABC Kids World. in time for the June School holidays!

And a final tidbit this week, from the Parkz forums. Movement has been spotted at the Green Lantern site for the first time since the accident in March this year. This doesn't mean anything directly, it could be a lengthy process of testing, particularly if the issue was a design flaw rather than an issue with maintenance, however it is good to see some action taking place.
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  1. Hope you guys are okay - being sick is super un-fun and to have work being busy too - arghh! Fun local park action though, sounds very Lucy appropriate too :) weeeee!

  2. Definitely Lucy appropriate! We'll be hitting up the ABC Kids World in a couple of weeks, once the school holidays are over! Hope you're well Fee!

  3. Definitely Lucy appropriate! We'll be hitting up the ABC Kids World in a couple of weeks, once the school holidays are over! Hope you're well Fee!