Tuesday 21 April 2015

Theme Park Nut News Update - 21st April 2015

Sudden Sea World (Australia) news leads this week leads our News Update.

With a relatively short statement on their website, Sea World have announced a major re-theme of the kids zone area in the centre of the park as soon as the school holidays ended (yesterday). It now reads:
"Beach Break Bay is currently closed to make way for a brand new kid’s area opening later in 2015. The expanded multimillion dollar precinct will feature Sea World’s first ever mini rollercoaster plus an array of kid-sized rides. The fun filled zone will replace the current kid’s area and will include four brand new rides plus some of your favourites like the iconic carousel. Please check this page again for an official opening date."

It's good news, they are adding a mini coaster! So, why not shout it from the rooftops? Well it could be because closing Beach Break Bay cuts out a huge slice of the park, and leaves it very very low on attractions for the younger kids (which Sea World counts on). They are already speculating on Parkz forums, but I must say it's taken a few of us by surprise. Well done Sea World!

If you are interested in the big Parkz story from last week, where one enthusiast/idiot broke into the SBNO Eureka Mine Ride, they have split it into it's own thread. Parkz have taken the images down, but also been somewhat protective of their user's information. Kudos to them for treading a very fine line in an elegant way.

At the US SeaWorld (no affiliation) a new Sea Lion show has opened to positive reviews. It has been a difficult few years for this chain of parks without question, so I'm kind of glad to see some straight out theme park news from SeaWorld.

Over at Disneyland Resort, permits have finally be filed for Luigi's Festival of the Dance. The replacement for Luigi's Flying Tyres. There doesn't appear to be any major surprises here, but it's good to see some movement on the project.

If you are a nerd like me, the biggest news of the week was the second Star Wars Teaser Trailer dropping, and boy was it a big one. It even added $2 Billion to Disney's share price, if only temporarily. Theme Park Insider thought it was a good time to see, whether it's readers thought that Disney should be focusing on building for Star Wars or Marvel. Overwhelming the response was Star Wars, and I couldn't agree more!

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  1. Go Sea World, I always viewed it as the daggy guy in the gold coast theme park trio but I remember when I visited a few years back being pleasantly surprised :)