Tuesday 28 April 2015

Theme Park Nut News Update - 28th April 2015

Let's start off in Santa Claus, Indiana tonight, where the wonderful park Holiday World is located. This week saw Holiday World week opened Thunderbird in their Thanksgiving land. It is America's first launched Wing coaster. I must say it looks great. I must say this park has a lot going for it, and it would be much higher on my to visit list if it wasn't a little bit tricky to get to that part of Indiana from Australia. Still they are doing great work!

In Universal Orlando, they have announced that they are making the metal detectors at coaster entrances a permanent security change. There are a lot of people have been complaining about this, but to be honest I think it was kind of inevitable. I wouldn't be surprised if more parks around the world started doing this.

Staying in Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando have confirmed that they are adding a new coaster in 2016, and it sounds like it's going to be a big one!

Here is a rumour from PortAventura in Spain, the Ferrari Land second gate that is soon to be constructed, they are going to have the tallest roller coaster in the world. The rumour posted by on Screamscape says that it will be 3.3 feet taller than Kingda Ka. Small difference, but it counts!

Meanwhile in Australia, the friendly crew at Parkz have visited Sunshine Coast park Aussie World this week, and gave top marks to the new Pinafari Wacky Worm "Bug Run" for theming. I must say I agree, it's as well themed as any coaster in Australia (with exception of Superman and Scooby Doo). Kudos to Aussie World on doing such a great job! Take note bigger parks!

On the forums at Parkz this week, one user Rachel uploaded a couple of videos of Australia's Wonderland, the former park based in Sydney which closed down eleven years ago. I only went there once, but I do have a couple of memories from the park. It is sad that it isn't still around.

Over at Sea World, the new kids area is under construction in earnest. As with the Sea Viper, they aren't mucking around either. Things are well underway with Creatures of the Deep as well, so it's definitely all action as Sea World this year!

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  1. That thunderbird ride looks insanely scary! I also love the look of this creatures of the deep, so cool, go Sea World

    1. There are some more pictures of creatures on the deep on Parkz.com.au this week. It does look interesting. But I do miss the Dinosaurs they are replacing. I just like dinosaurs.