Monday 5 January 2015

Theme Park News Update - 6th Jan 2014

It's time to round up the Theme Park News from the first week of 2014!

There is never a quiet week in Theme Parks, there is always something happening around the world. Today we kick-off in Denmark, where Legoland Billund has announce that the 20-tonne X-Wing Starfighter (which was previously stationed in New York's Time Square) will be added to the park this year! Staying in Europe (sort of), Screamscape is reporting that the first pieces of Efeling's new dive coaster Baron 1898 have been fabricated in the US. This is an exciting development and Baron 1898 promises to be one of the best themed attractions being built this year, so it always exciting to get news about it.

In Orlando, things have passed the Christmas/New Year peak, and starting to quiet down again (thankfully). There is a great post on the Orlando Theme Park News site about the up coming Skull Island at Islands of Adventure. Well, it's not official that Kong is returning, but let's face it the whole theme park world would be shocked if this turned about to be anything other than Kong.

If you thought the New Years period was busy in US parks, check out this shot from Tokyo Disneyland! By the way, everyone should be following TDR Explorer which does amazing coverage of the best theme parks in the world (there, I said it, the best! Come at me WDW).

Staying with Asian Disney Theme Parks, reports come through yesterday that Hong Kong Disneyland has broken ground on it's third onsite hotel Disney Explorers’ Lodge.

But the big international new this week, is that the Hat is coming down. Reportedly today is the last day that the Sorcerer's Hat at WDW's Hollywood Studios is clear to be seen without demolishing crews (and some Disney fans) taking a hammer to it. At the same time as the Christmas decorations come down, so does the Hat. Personally I'm excited to see the next stage of Hollywood Studios, so I'm not going to miss the Hat. But I'm sure some people will.

In Australian theme park news, it has been hot as anything at our theme parks over the last week. Dreamworld has started a new version of it's night time event "Screamworld" which includes Rides and Slides. Prices start around $20 for this hard ticket event.

The most interesting story in local theme park news this week was this hilarious article  in the Sydney Morning Herald about the complaints over Luna Park Sydney's Hair Raiser ride.  My favorite part is 'One neighbour claimed the "hoony" ride led to increased "violence on the street and drunken behaviour" '. Those hoony children and their ugly 37m drop towers. As I said, hilarious!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the southern states of Australia who are suffering through horrible Bushfires this week also. Stay safe and look after yourselves!

For more Theme Park coverage, follow me on Twitter @themeparknut. Until next week, Cheers!


  1. oohh so much going on :) Now someone needs to sponsor you so you can go around and test out all the new attractions and let us know!

    1. I wish! I think that would almost be my dream job, spending time travelling around the world visiting theme parks. I don't think I'll quit the day job just yet.