Tuesday 20 January 2015

Theme Park News Update - 20th January 2015

If you follow a lot of theme park blogs (like I do) you could be thinking that the only things happening this year are measles and selfie-sticks. But honestly, away from those issues there is stacks happening in the world of theme parks!

The big news that broke a week ago from WDW was that a huge new building is being added to the Norway pavilion in Epcot, to house a Frozen Meet and Greet. The sheer size of the building has started a lot of people talking. Is this going to be more than just a meet and greet? What is all that space for?

There was a couple of other interesting Disney related articles this week from ThemeParkInsider.com this week about what the delays in the release of the Avatar sequels means for WDW and also about the battle to replace Bob Iger. Not that makes any difference, but I'm a Staggs-man myself. Just putting that out there. Speaking of WDW's Avatarland, Screamscape posted a link to a Youtube video of someone flying a drone helicopter with a camera over the Pandora build site. It's kind of mesmerizing to watch.

Also check out Screamscape for some really interesting musing about Universal Orlando's potential new Water Park.

Staying in Florida, two pieces of news from Legoland Florida, as they announce a new land and the opening date for their new hotel. Got to be honest, I'm more excited about the hotel which is opening May 15th.

My least favourite story of the week, was about a particular New Zealand "haunted" amusement park, that used a photo of a guest wetting themselves to advertise their park, without the permission of the guest. At best this a crude publicity stunt, at worst it's cruel heartless humiliation. To be honest I don't really want to give this any more free press, but if anyone doesn't believe me see here. Personally, I think it's disgraceful, and I won't be ever visiting this park.

Moving a little bit closer to home, two little tidbits of information coming from the Parkz.com.au forums. Firstly the wacky worm coaster that has been installed, but is yet to open at Sunshine Coast park Aussie World is going to be called Bug Run! Cute enough for a kiddie coaster. Also, Dreamworld launched a new website this week, which caused people to question a few hilarious things. Firstly, Dreamworld doesn't know the difference between 12AM and 12PM, which resulted in two rides being listed as running for 12 hours longer than they should have. Secondly, it appears there were major factual errors in the Park History section of the new Dreamworld site.

I should say, if you are an Aussie you have to check out Parkz and the Parkz forums. It is the place for Australian Theme Park nerds.

This week was the Star Wars Half Marathon at the Disneyland Resort, and my very favourite story this week is extremely tenuously related to this. It is the story of an Australian man walking around Australia to raise money for Monash Children's Hospital, who was bitten by a potentially deadly snake. He was completely unharmed because the snake was unable to bite through the Stormtrooper armour that he has been wearing for the entire trip! How good is that!! What a champion this guy is! Best of luck to him!

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  1. I thought it was terrible they used that shot of the lady, apparently it got cleared up with money (??) but I feel incontinence is such an awful health problem which they used simply as a cheap gimmick. The wacky worm huh? lol Go Aussie World!

  2. I know! It was a terrible thing to do. Even if it was all a set up from the start, I think that was pretty awful publicity. And you are right, it is a serious problem for some people, and shouldn't be made fun of!