Saturday 18 November 2023

Novemeber 19th - Theme Park News in a Nutshell

This week's Theme Park News:

- Hong Kong Disneyland hosted a media preview for its world of Frozen land. It also open the land for soft opening on Friday

- Iaapa expo kicked off in Orlando this week an as rumoured Intamin and Six Flags Qiddiya unveiled the new themed coaster train for the record breaking Falcons Flight roller coaster.

- Also Zamperla and Cedar Point revealed the Top Thrill 2 train

- Chance rides showed of its trains for the Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer coaster coming to the Mattel Adventure park currently under construction in Arizona

- Intamin also showed off some new ride concepts including a hub less observation wheel and a dome theatre ride which has motion based vehicles under a 360 dome theatre

- They also had a hype video showing 12 seater rotating coaster trains called “MDC 12 Seater” which is rumoured to be being used for Universal Studios Hollywood’s upcoming Fast and the Furious coaster.

- They also so showed a sneak peak of them working with Sally Corp on some dark ride coaster hybrids

- Sally dark rides also showed off animatronics for SpongeBob’s Crazy Carnival Ride a new dark they are building for CircusCircus Adventuredome in Las Vegas

-In a quarterly earnings report from Genting the company they mention that the new Minion Land coming to Universal Studios Singapore, as well as the new Singapore Oceanarium just outside the park won’t be ready to soft open until early 2025.

There’s also been some alleged leaked plans about how A Super Nintendo World could be added to the park, but take that with a grain of salt 

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