Saturday 3 December 2022

Theme Park News in a Nutshell - December 3rd 2022

This week's Theme Park News

Sea World in Australia have opened the last two rides of their New Atlantis land with giant chair swing Trident and wooden coaster Leviathan finally opening on Friday.
Dreamworld in Australia has announced a 50 million dollar park revitalisation plan. The 2 year plan will cover the loss of the Dreamworks IP by using the park’s original characters Kenny and Belinda while moving the ABC kids section and the vintage cars and adding two new rides.
You may not have heard but Disney has changed CEOs with Bob Chapek being replaced by former CEO Bob Iger. Many Disney fans have seen this as the second company, as if the fate of a multi-billion dollar corporation rests on a single person.
The last day to ride Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom will be January 22, 2023. The Disneyland version is also expected to close in January.

Magic Happens parade is coming back to Disneyland on February 24th next year.
Shanghai Disneyland has again reopened from a covid closure.
At Universal Orlando, Universal’s Great Movie Escape will open December 9 on CityWalk.
"Uncharted" franchise will be providing the theme for a new Sally Corp roller coaster dark ride at Spain's PortAventura next year.

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