Friday 14 February 2020

News in a Minute - 14th Feb 2020

This week's news:

Disney is coming for even more of your money, with price increases for day tickets at Disneyland resort and annual passes at Walt Disney World.

Six Flags has announced that all 26 of their parks and attractions have been designated "Certified Autism Centers" by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.

Universal is giving away 8 trips to Japan in a promotional stunt for Super Nintendo World at Grand central station in New York on February 19th.

Universal Hollywood have dropped a hint on the opening of their new Secret Life of Pets Ride, saying it will be open for their Peacock Live after hours event on March 28th.

They also announced more details for their Top chef event this week and

It’s been reported that the next maintenance closure of their Jurassic World Ride will see the inclusion of the Indominous Rex.

Dreamworld Australia is retiring the Rocky Hollow Log Ride.

Disneyland had a backstage media preview of the Magic Happens parade.

New restaurant called Asian Street Treats has opened at Disneyland resorts downtown Disney.

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