Friday 27 July 2018

News in a Minute - 27th July 2018

This week's news:
-  The world's largest indoor theme park has opened, this week, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. This park has several top of the line attractions created by the ThinkWell group. Check out YouTube for POVs.
- Hong Kong Disnyeland has released the name for their new Marvel ride, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Nano battle. It's opening has been pushed back to 2019.
- In the states, both Knoebels and Herseypark closed on monday due to severe flooding.
- Guy Fieri is opening a fried chicken restaurant at Disney Springs.
- Bobcat Goldthwait leaked a planned halloween version of World of Colour, to be called World of Colour: Villainous, during the blow back from the sacking of James Gunn.
- Universal has put in a trademark for "Universal's Epic Universe" and many variations of it. Could this be connected to the potential third park in Orlando?
- Universal Orlando announced another original IP house for Halloween Horror Nights this week, the Carnival Graveyard.
-  The Escape from Pompeii attraction at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is now closed until further notice after the ride apparently actually caught fire on Saturday night

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