Friday 22 June 2018

News in Minute - 22nd June 2018

Here is this week's theme park news:

-  This week the coroner's inquest into 2016's fatal tragedy at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast started. While the cause of the incident appears to be a pump failure, it appears that there were ways of stopping the conveyor belt sooner, that were not exercised. This inquest will be on going for a number of weeks, but at this stage it is looking like Dreamworld is at least partially responsible for these 4 deaths.
- In happier news, Disney California Adventure has opens Pixar Pier today. From the media day yesterday, we've seen our first previews, including a POV of the re-themed coaster the Incredicoaster. Reviews have been mixed.
- Slinky Dog Dash the new Toy Story coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios, has started testing this week, and reviews have been largely positive.
- Europa park in Germany have laid the last piece of track for their new Eurosat CanCan Coaster. Although we still don't have an opening date for it.
- Universal Orlando announced one of their original IP houses for HHN, Slaughter Sinema. This new house will be based on a mixture of grindhouse horror movies, and themed to a drive-in theatre.
- A report out this week says that the  Frozen themed dark rides for Hong Kong Disneyland and for Walt Disney Studios Paris, are going to complete clones of Epcot's Frozen Ever After, rather than being original.
- Germany's Bayern-Park has opened a new dark ride called Stadlgaudi 4D, which is an interactive shooter, with a twist. From descriptions it's kind of like a reverse Carousel of Progress, where shooter sit in the middle and rotate to see 4 different scenes before returning to the load/unload section.


  1. The more I hear about the Dreamworld incident the more it sounds like it definitely could have been prevented - super tragic! Hope you're going okay on those crutches Dan!

    1. Yeah! The Dreamworld thing is horrific. It definitely could have been prevented. It kills me to say that though as I love Dreamworld! Crutches all done now, but they were a pain for sure! Sorry I'm so slow responding to comments!!

    2. Such a pain but glad you're out of the worst of it!!!