Friday 25 May 2018

News in a Minute - 25th May 2018

The theme park news for this week:

- Disney has narrowed down the opening windows for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. It will open in Summer 2019 at the Disneyland Resort and then in late Fall 2019 in Disney's Hollywood Studios.
- Mobile food ordering is now live at Disneyland Resort, and alcohol is now avaliable at all table service restaurants at Magic Kingdom.
- The brand new HangTime dive coaster officially opened this week at Knott's Berry Farm.
- Six Flags has acquired five more amusement and water parks in the United States, although they have actually owned four of those parks previously.
- Disneyland Paris has had start-ups involved with an outreach program called the Castle Hub, do elevator pitches inside the Tower of Terror.
- DLP has also announced that WDW favourie Mickey's Philharmagic will open in the Discoveryland Theatre in October, around the same time as the refurbished Phantom Manor will re-open.
- If you are like watching theme park vloggers, British couple Krispy Smore and Floridians Tim and Jenn Tracker  have taken a surprise trip together to Tokyo Disney. So, check out all of their channels over the next few weeks.
- Disneyland Resort has given us a little bit more detail on the Incredicoaster, the re-theming of California Screamin', it will have a scene where you will smell chocolate chip cookies.


  1. WHAT! the smell chocolate chip cookies is amazing!

    1. Disney know how to make smell, I'll give them that!!