Friday 30 March 2018

News in a Minute - 30th March 2018

I have been continuing to do my weekly posts on YouTube, where I give you a 1 minute rundown of theme park news. However I have been slack putting these up on my blog. So here are the last few week's episodes -

This week:

Last week:

2 Week's ago:

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  1. I had to google this purple wall! and you know my vote would of been for that vegan swirl :P :P Keep up the great work Dan!

    1. The purple wall thing is crazy. It's just a wall that had purple stripes, and it got really trendy for no reason. I've got like 10 people I follow who all have their profile pic as them in front of the purple wall. And Disney started to make like Merchandise about it. Now they painted over it, but I think it'll come back purpler than ever.
      My theory with the Citrus Swirl/orange Swirl was they wanted to make it vegan friendly. But the trademark on the name was tied to the recipe, so they couldn't call it Citrus Swirl. And everyone lost it that they took away Citrus Swirl. So now they have two nearly identical products, one that is vegan friendly "Orange Cream" and one that is the original "Citrus Swirl". Craziness!