Sunday 16 October 2016

Movie World Trip Report October 2016

Movie World have just opened there most recent attraction, Doomsday Destroyer as part of the new DC Villains precinct. Since the local school holidays have just finished, it was the perfect time to check it out.
The former site of boot hill, is now the world's first DC Super-villain precinct. 
The area is anchored by Doomsday Destroyer, a suspended twin hammer. But the real attraction for me is the great theming in the Villains area.
Each villain is interactive in some way. Although the don't move, the action poses make these guys look impressive.
Not to mention creepy!
A new garden!
Some of the villians have add smoke or water effects to make them more impressive.
Ice to see you!
This guy was my favourite. I don't know who he is, but I'm totally with him.

And of course the Joker and Harley Quinn Make an appearance.

In case you were wondering, Wild West Falls is still there. There has been very little impact on this attraction from it's new neighbour. Overall I have to say this is probably on of the best themed areas in an Australian theme park. Tonnes of detail, and very cohesive. Although the choice of them doesn't really resonate with me, I do admire the effort that Movie World have put in here.

Else where in Movie World, keen fans can play a quick game of what's missing. Did you get it?
Although they've been behind walls for a while, the Chinatown gate for the old Leathal Weapon ride has finally come down.
And to finish on a personal note, Movie World's second newest attraction was definitely the highlight of my day. My daughter and I did many laps on this super fun ride!

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  1. Looks so rad Dan and I can only imagine driving school is super fun!!!!