Tuesday 10 May 2016

Theme Park Nut News Update - 10th May 2016

There is plenty of news week, but sadly I don't have plenty of time! So here is an action packed Theme Park Nut News Update!!

The biggest theme park news this week was clearly the soft-opening of Shanghai Disneyland. Even though this was an invitation only event, we did get a great look at this new park, including some sneak peaks at a few of the great attractions. We got a huge look at the brand new Tron Lightcycle coaster that anchors Tomorrowland. We also got the briefest of peaks at the brand new Pirates of the Carribean, which I am really excited for. I can't wait for a full ride through to be uploaded to YouTube. There are so many photos all over Twitter, it's hard to keep up, but if I can get time I'll try to get a collection of the best going sometime later this week.

But that wasn't the only big news this week. Six Flags gave us some concept art for the upcoming Six Flags Dubai. The first full thrill park in the Persian Gulf is planned to open in late 2019, with 27 attractions.

Cedar Point in Ohio opened yet another record setting roller coaster, with Valravn the world's fastest, tallest and longest Dive coaster. This looks like one heck of a ride!

At Universal Orlando, we got our first taste of the new Hulk coaster! It's got an all new story to go with the rebuilt track. This also looks like it will be really great.

And of course, May the 4th was Star Wars day, which means that it was a great time to reflect on all the Star Wars Theme Park related happenings. For local Star Wars fans, Dreamworld on the Gold Coast has it's annual Star Wars Weekend coming up this weekend, raising money for local charity TLC for Kids. It's a great cause, so people should get involved!

For more Theme Park coverage, follow me on Twitter @themeparknut. Until next time, Cheers!


  1. Dan you have a (very!) good excuse to be busy!!! :) :) Sneaky congrats!!

    1. Thanks Fee! It may be a couple of weeks before my next blog. That's for sure!