Sunday 19 July 2015

Dreamworld - ABC Kids World Review

Opening earlier this month, for the school holidays, ABC Kids World is an expansion of the former Wiggles World at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. This new area incorporates 4 of the ABC Kids brands largest locally owned Intellectual Properties: Giggle and Hoot, Banana's in Pyjamas, Play School and (of course) the Wiggles. We checked out this new expansion/addition yesterday, and gave it a bit of a toddler test.

First impressions, the new entrance, moved closer to the Mick Doohan Motocoaster and adding (I believe) a new garden bed, works really well. It certainly defines the area well, and makes the new Hoot and Hop attraction feel less plonked in the new land. The layout of it is really nice, and the extra little bits of styling really adds the the area.

The target age group is going to love this area, if they are familiar with the ABC properties. If they aren't, they are going to enjoy it just for the bright (really bright) colours.

The new attractions that anchoring the expansion are the Hoot and Hop, a Giggle and Hoot themed  Zamperla Jumping Star, and a Bananas in Pyjamas walk through Maze. This expansion has also rethemed the existing Pirate ship to Giggle and Hoot (it was Captain Feathersword's ship), and reused two existing structures for play zones, one that has play houses and blocks (which also features Dorothy's Beach Party in the morning), and the other that has beanbags and iPads featuring an ABC Kids Play School app. The remainder of the Wiggles land (The Big Red Car Ride, the Big Red Boat Ride and the Teacups) are mostly untouched, except for possibly a lick of paint.

They have also added a few colourful additions around the paths, an oversize art set as well as some oversize ice creams near the entrance.

As I mentioned at the start of this, we took our 2.5 year old to toddler test this new area. To give you a reference point, the last time we went she absolutely hated the Big Red Car ride. She loved it. The little play zones were a total hit for her. She loved watching the Hoot and Hop, and listening to Hoot singing, but there is no way she was getting on it. She did the maze (even though she doesn't like the Bananas). She loved both of the covered play zones as well!

Her favourite thing was, the giant ice blocks. She just loved running between them, and touching them all. We had to do that twice during the day.

The area isn't huge, and it isn't rich in attractions, but it's much better for the young kids than the impressive (but noisy and chaotic) Dreamworks Experience. Dreamworld have let this area have a bit more space between attractions, and it works to this areas advantage. We had a great time, and saw others enjoying it too. Suprisingly there were a lot of international groups enjoying the area on the day we went, that suggests that this area isn't reliant on knowing the characters.

Overall, a well executed expansion, and money well spent. It's obvious that Dreamworld hasn't spent a fortune here, but what they spend they did so very efficiently. With the recent changes, the Dreamworks Experience, the Corroboree re-theme, the enhancements to Surf Parade and now ABC Kids World, it really feels like Dreamworld is really getting itself back on track. Good work Dreamworld!


  1. When you said about the giant icecreams I got a bit excited and then laughed to see it was her favourite too :) :) Go Dreamworld!

  2. Yeah it was awesome!! I'll see if we got any photos, and send them through. They were right up your alley Fee! and Lucy's too of course!