Tuesday 19 May 2015

Ride Review: Tail Spin @ Dreamworld

For the first time in a couple of years, I have an annual pass to Dreamworld. This means that I have had a little bit of catching up to do in the last couple of visits, since they have had a fair amount of change in that time. In short, all of it is great (the Dreamworks Experience and Ocean Parade enhancements particularly), and I'm looking forward to the ABC Kids World adding another dimension to that. I thought it was fitting to do a quick review of their most recent ride: Tail Spin.

The ride itself is a Gerslauer Sky Fly which opened late last year. On this ride, the rider controls the experience, by moving paddles on the "planes" to attempt to flip the ride vehicles over. The ride peaks at 72 feet high and reaches a top speed of 33 km/hr. Personally, I was not that thrilled when the ride was announced as I believe Dreamworld has enough flat spinning rides. I thought adding another one was mostly white noise. To a certain extent it is, but when riding it I was pleasantly surprised how different it was to Dreamworld's other spinning rides. I choose not to attempt flipping my plane, and I had a very relaxing and fun "flight". The ride is smooth and fun, and the ability to control your own thrill level (although some what of a binary choice) meant that everyone got a slightly different ride.

When I say it is a binary choice, I did see first hand some evidence of the major criticism of the Sky Fly models, which is that it is hard to make them flip, and when you really get it flipping it can be hard to make it stop. To be honest, watching a few dare devils on there, I have no idea how they didn't spew when coming off that ride.

Overall, I would give the ride a 6.5 out of 10. That is pretty good for an off the shelf flat ride.

Here is a POV of the Ride that should give you a sense of it, thanks to our friends at OurWorlds:

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