Tuesday 24 February 2015

Theme Park Nut New Update - 24th February 2015

Welcome to the last Theme Park Nut News update for February 2015.

The big news this week was that the (expected) annual Disney ticket price rises occurred. Now what makes this years most significant, is that is the first time that the day ticket price at any Disney theme park has exceeded US$100. A one day ticket to Magic Kingdom at WDW is now US$105. There are rises across the board for the US Disney parks, and it is expected that Universal will follow suit in the next few weeks.

Screamscape had some photos this week of construction of Avatar the land of Pandora (name may not be correct). On the west coast, at Disney California Adventure Luigi's Flying Tyres has official closed for good, to be replaced with some kind of trackless Cars ride.

Staying with Disney, they named a new Disney Parks Chairman Bob Chapek. No pressure dude, but we are watching you.

In Universal Orlando this week, something strange happened. Water bottles were banned from being taken into the parks and City Walk, for two days and then allowed again. They stated that it was a temporary measure, and it was not related to a specific threat against the parks. Very strange. Just as strange, it has been announced that Sharknado 3 is going to be filmed and set at Universal Orlando. I must admit that the first thought was, 'Wow, they made a Sharknado 2?' I know it was a cult-hit, but I saw the first one and I'm not going to watch the second one. I'll wait to see how much the third one is about Universal. I may watch it.

Speaking of trashy movies, I watched Escape from Tomorrow. That movie is really weird. I didn't really enjoy it, but I did like seeing a lot of Magic Kingdom in a movie!!

Dark ride manufacturer Sally Corp has posted an interesting video peaking inside their operation. Interesting!!

Going to Europe, Efteling has put up another video of the construction of Baron 1898. This is perhaps the best one yet. I think this is going to be a great attraction!

Once again the Australia park news this week revolves around Dreamworld. There has been continuing noise about the issue with  Buzzsaw. Although it sounds like no riders were ever in danger on the ride, the unexpected maintenance has now been extended one month longer than originally planned. So, something is getting fixed for sure.

The other news this week was found on the Parkz Forums were a keen-eyed fan spotted that the Ardent half yearly results stated that Dreamworld will be opening a V8 themed attraction at some point this year. We have no idea what this will be, but it is interesting to hear. They do already have two attractions themed to motorsport at the park, and there is speculation that it could be a revamp of either of those attractions (as they are anecdotally unpopular attractions. We will wait and see!

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  1. 100+ for a ticket woozers - crazy! Dreamworld needs to open a super girly ride! Maybe they already have one :P

  2. Haha super girly ride hey? Like a dark ride of some kind, with rainbows and unicorns? That kind of thing? I'd much rather have that than a V8 attraction!

  3. Haha super girly ride hey? Like a dark ride of some kind, with rainbows and unicorns? That kind of thing? I'd much rather have that than a V8 attraction!