Friday 6 April 2012

Australian Theme Park News - Easter 2012

This has been a big week for two of Australia's biggest parks, Dreamworld and WB Movie World. First week of school holidays in Queensland always means the action heats up on the Gold Coast. Firstly Dreamworld open the first 2 (and a half) lands of their much discussed DreamWorks Experience. The reviews I've seen have been largely unanimous; the theming is excellent and it's just a few new attractions short of outstanding. Hopefully this will come with the opening of the rest of the Kung Fu Panda area later this year. The best look at the new experience is from Parkz (, who always do great detailed photo updates. Check it out!

Just down the road WB Movie World have soft opened there newly themed suspended looping coaster. The former Leathal Weapon has rapidly transformed into Arkham Asylum: Shock Therapy based on the popular Batman video game. Reviews have been mixed. Many found the theming better than expected, but not necessarily up to the parks high standards. The win for me here is the new vehicle and restraints which deliver a much smoother ride. Given my last Lethal Weapon experience was almost unbearable, this has me excited. I might be able to ride it again! It officially opens tomorrow. Movie World also trialed a Fast Pass style virtual queuing system called Fast Track. It will be interesting to see how this trial goes, and whether Fast Track becomes a permanent addition to the park (paid or free).

Around the world this week we have seen a few exciting events. Disneyland Paris has open their new show Disney Dreams. They marked this by streaming the production online, and receiving lots of positive attention for it. It looks amazing!! We also found out that one of our most anticipated US coaters Verbolten, will be opening in May! That's the news for this week!

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