Saturday 10 March 2012

Arkham Asylum - Shock Therapy

The news finally broke yesterday that Arkham is going to be the new theme for the Lethal Weapon Ride at WB Movie World on the Gold Coast. It will be opening for the Easter break in April! There have been a lot of rumours of what we are going to see, but here is the official words from Movie World (via the forums):

Arkham Asylum – Shock Therapy - A new experience is opening at Movie World
  • The coaster is the world’s first ride themed around the very popular Arkham Asylum game
  • This exciting new ride will reach speeds of up to 85kmh and pull 4.2Gs
  • The ride will feature 5 gut wrenching inversions as well as on-board audio
  • Riders will need to beware as The Joker tries to takeover Gotham City
Ride Statistics:
  • Speed= 85km/hr
  • Height= 32 metres approx
  • G Forces= 4.2Gs
  • Track Length= 765m
  • Ride Duration= 120 seconds approx (station to station)
  • Height Restriction = 140cm
  • Number of inversions= 5
  • First of its kind in the world

 We also got some artwork of the new KumbaK trains. The restraint system looks vastly different. It almost looks like a lapbar with over the shoulder seat belts. Fans of this ride will note the lack of head-bashing next restraint! You may still get a sore neck, but at least you should have less bruises!

Also check out the little handles for gripping. Rumours have included everything from a pulse measure (similar to the Blue Fire Megacoaster in Europa Park) to a device to deliver a small electric shock! Though one wonders how this could possibly be done safely.

Movie World also warns riders to beware of various villians, including the Joker. This could simple be additional theming of the queue area, which could reuse parts of the wildly popular Fright Nights Arkham Maze. It is hard to see any parts of the coaster going undercover for additional theming, but it's always possible!

Now we will all have to wait until April to see whether Movie World are able to breathe life into a 17 year old SLC. I hope they can!!

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