Sunday 20 November 2011

Theme Park Credentials

I thought it was about time I outlined my theme park credentials, and in particular which are my favourite parks from around the world. I've been to 18 parks across 3 continents. I'm lucky that I grew up in an area of Australia with easy access to our local parks, and that my parents took holidays which visited parks in America.
Starting of with Austrlian parks, I have been a frequent visitor to the 3 Gold Coast parks: Dreamworld, Movie World and Sea World. I know these parks backwards. Dreamworld and Movie World are particular favourites of mine, which have memories ranging from my early childhood through to last month. I have also just recently visited Aussie World on the Sunshine Coast, which is a small but fun family park. When I was young I also visited the now defunct Australia's Wonderland in Sydney, which was also a great little park. And the very short-lived Leyland Brothers World.

With my family growing up we took 2 separate U.S. vacations which visited two of the world great theme park hubs, Southern California and Orlando. Across the 3 trips we visited Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld and the 4 parks of Walt Disney World. I would put Disneyland and Magic Kingdom as the best theme parks that I have ever been to. While there were some other fantastic exprences in other parks, those two parks are still the standard that I judge all others by. People who know me know that I go on and on about how much I love Disney parks.

Finally my beautiful wife and I travelled to Europe last year and visited 4 parks while we were over there. They were Prater, Europa Park, Legoland Billund and Tivoli Gardens. All of these parks were wonderful for different reasons, but I will always hold Europa Park and Tivoli in my heart as two of my favourite parks.

So there you go, that's my theme park background. I have lots of parks I still want to see, and I want to visit a few of these parks again, but I think that might be a post for another day!


  1. hi we ar planning to go to europe in 2 months and was wondering whether europa park was worth visiting. Is it much better thatn Dreamworld, my kids enjoyed that, but I wouldn't travel out of my way to visit it. I
    t's just that getting to europa park from strassbourg is a bit of a pain, and I wondered if it really was worth it. it takes nearly 2 hrs from strasbourg with 2 different trains and then a bus,

  2. I am so sorry for not replying!! Europa Park is well out of the way, but very much worth it. It's closer to the scale of a Disney park than Dreamworld for sure. We went by train, a detour for 2 days between Cologne and Munich. It was great, but it is hard to get to. It is a very much German/French region, so English isn't as strong, but we got by okay. I hope that you went there and had a wonderful time!!